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The line between digital and real life is disappearing. Technology is increasingly developed and applied to all industries and fields. We are always ready to accompany you on the exciting path of the digital value chain with digitized experiences across all channels.

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virtual tour panoee

Powerful 360 VR Platform "Made in Vietnam"

A global platform that makes creating & administering virtual reality tours quick and easy.

Multi-channel e-commerce system

Custom-built solutions for each customer's needs and characteristics, a diverse ecosystem of features, helping to transform data management, e-commerce and CMS for optimal growth


Deploying Digital Transformation solutions

Conceive, implement and operate 2-end digital business processes, IoT services and comprehensive supply chain and logistics process consulting - with us you will achieve your goals !



Amber Holdings

Loyalty Platform

Some successful applications of loyalty programs in the ecommerce industry

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, especially after the arrival of COVID, making online shopping the main choice of many people. According...

Amber Holdings

Loyalty Platform

Building Long-Term Relationships with Your Customers through Loyalty Platform Program

Welcome to our Loyalty Platform program – an excellent way to build long-term relationships with your customers. With fierce competition in...

Sun Iconic Hub Phu Quoc

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