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360 Virtual Tour for Hospital

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Virtual reality technology is being widely applied in all industries and the medical industry is no exception. Virtual Tour for the hospital is a technology that helps patients and customers visit before going to the hospital or visit the intensive care rooms, restricting people to enter. This is considered a new step in customer service for many medical facilities.


Experience hospital facilities and campus by Virtual Tour for the Hospital

Tour 360 combines 360 images at specific locations allowing users to see the whole view from far to close, along with 3D interactive functionality. Users just need to click on the location of each area in the hospital that they want to go to open a new sightseeing scene. Thereby creating a panoramic, true view from the spacious campus to modern facilities, advanced equipment,…

image1 2

Normally, areas like the operating room and the intensive care unit are difficult to access in person, but with a virtual tour this is possible. Combinations such as images, videos, and text are incorporated into the Virtual Tour to provide additional information that can be used by the patient or family to navigate during the procedure in the hospital.

Virtual tour guide

With VR tour 360, users also have the guidance and dedicated directions of medical staff when coming to each new area. This feature enhances the audio-visual experience, thereby providing more instructions, navigation and information for users to visit easily.

image2 1
The tour guide will provide you with information about each place you visit in the VR Tour.

Interactive with floor plan of virtual reality tour 360 

A function is built right on the Virtual Tour which is a moving map (floorplan). This feature will help customers know where they are in the floor plan of the experience area. They can move to other spots quickly if needed. There are currently 2 types of floor plans to choose from: 2D or 3D (Refer to the illustrations below):

Floor plan in 3D

Video 360 – Experience the medical examination and treatment process with modern medical equipment

Besides visiting the lobby, campus of the hospital,… The Virtual Tour for the hospital also allows users to move into a clinic, they can directly see the process of medical examination and treatment with modern medical equipment without limitation of viewing angle. This is easily done with a very simple operation of rotating the smartphone or holding the mouse button and then dragging and dropping 360 degrees to the angles you want to see more closely.

Quiz game – Playing while watching

Quiz Game is a feature that provides a highly interactive experience in 360 space. Through this feature, hospitals can integrate lectures, health classes as well as create tests. Users can completely add questions, set the scoring system and the specified time. This feature brings a new experience to the user.

image5 2
Quiz game feature

Live Guide Tour

A function called Live Guided Tour allows hospital consultants to video call directly with customers while they are experiencing Virtual Tour. This helps the sales team introduce and support customers right on the device that the customer is experiencing.

The use of virtual reality Virtual Tour technology in the hospital is still quite new in Vietnam. However, we must admit that this has created great trust of customers in the hospital.

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