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Virtual Tour for Real Estate: The Rising of Virtual Trends in 2022

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Virtual reality solutions are becoming popular in almost every industry and real estate field is no exception. Currently, virtual reality Virtual Tour for Real Estate is being used by many companies as a new way to promote and introduce new real estate projects to a wide range of customers.

Virtual Tour Trends in the World and Vietnam

VR Tour 360 is a technology that allows users to enter a virtual world that is simulated as real, fully, and vividly reproducing real images and experiences. This is a technology using real images or 3D simulation images so that users can easily move around, rotate 360 degrees, zoom in and out of locations or view detailed product information right on the website.

In Vietnam, real estate companies are transforming to apply Virtual Tour for real estate technology as an effective sales – kit to increase the ability to close deals with customers. 

Applications of Virtual Tour for real estate

1. Providing true experience

To get the most detailed Virtual Tour, the space of the real estate will be captured 360 by Flycam at the right height or visually simulated 3D for viewers to have a general view, specific visualization, easily interact, move, rotate 360 space, zoom in, zoom out, …

For example, with the LA RIVIÈRE project, you can see firsthand the panoramic view of this villa from above, move and rotate 360 degrees to visit the campus as well as the traffic around the villa or interact specifically with each room inside the model house.

Virtual Tour for Real Estate: LA RIVIÈRE project

2. Selecting each area to explore easily

With Tour 360, customers can choose to follow the arrow to visit each area as if they were visiting a real project. In addition, customers can choose to move to the desired area through the moving map integrated right on the display screen.

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3. Exploring the interior design of the property

In a simple way, after seeing the overview of the project, internal facilities and external facilities,…customers can view the interior design of the property. Here, customers will be able to visit the 360 space of the area, easily move, zoom in, zoom out, in addition, they can also see all the information and attached services from the distributors of the project.

Distributors of real estate projects can integrate additional information to promote images and enhance the value of services they bring. As a result, customers can not only experience the space, but also be provided with more information and then compare and choose the right property.

Virtual Tour for Real Estate Application

4. Register to view the project, order, rent,…via  Virtual Tour for real estate platform

In parallel with visiting on virtual reality, Virtual Tour can provide customers with information on booking/renting/buying projects integrated right on the website platform. The system will be redirected to the website, or contact directly via the hotline number provided.

Getting more competitive advantage by using Virtual Tour for real estate 

The investment for Virtual Tour helps many real estate companies gain more competitive advantage in consulting and persuading customers to deposit. The strength of Virtual Tour not only helps customers see the planning, apartments, utilities,… but also helps them have the experience as if they were being present in their future home, even though that project has not yet formed. Besides, Virtual Reality Tour 360 has flexible rendering on any device & browser, which means that customers just need to sit at home and have a smartphone in hand to use it saves. This technology is really the solution to save time, travel costs and increase online interaction!

In addition, real estate companies can also integrate additional information such as: price, address, location on Google map … inside 360 images or videos so that customers can click on the hotspot there and see the information easily. 

Other typical features integrated in Virtual Tour 360 for real estate

1. Locate on Google Maps

This feature is integrated in Tour 360 to help customers determine the location of the real estate project they are interested in, surrounding utilities, traffic connections, etc., from which customers will easily easy to come as well as make decisions

Virtual Tour for Real Estate: Location

2. 2D Video Integration

To enhance the customer experience, Virtual Tour 360 can directly integrate 2D videos onto the TV/projector screen in 3D space. Thereby providing more information to customers, while simulating the experience like customers are visiting in reality.

3. Moving floor plan in Virtual Tour for real estate

Besides building 3D apartments, Floor Plans are also an extremely useful feature for real estate agents to introduce apartments to customers. The integrated floor plan is not simple to view but fully interactive to move between points in the room. There are 2 types of floor plans that can be selected to be integrated into tour 360 to increase interaction between pixels.

Virtual Tour for Real Estate: Floorplan

4. Virtual tour guide

The virtual tour guide feature will integrate a Tour Guide to guide customers directly, helping them better understand the project. In addition, Virtual Tour 360 can also integrate with many different languages, helping to diversify the approach to many audiences.

5. Live Guide Tour 

Live Guided Tour – allows you to video call live and guide your customers while they are experiencing Tour 360 on any smart device, helping customers have an authentic product experience like being guided by the service staff like a traditional experience. If you are looking to build a Virtual Tour for real estate for the project you are distributing, do not hesitate to visit our website https://panoee.com/ for more details.


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