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Starfruit Year-End Party 2022 with the theme “Doers to be Owners”

Starfruit JSC 20/01/2023

Last night, January 6, 2023, Starfruit JSC successfully organized its Year End Party with the theme “Doers to be Owner“.

photo 2023 01 31 17.06.56

The Year End Party program is a gesture of gratitude to all employees, partners, and customers who have accompanied Starfruit in the past year. The Starfruit Year End Party 2022, inspired by the gear symbol, is not only for us to connect and reflect on the one-year journey “Starting from a dream, going up by turning points.” Moreover, the party is also a place where we all prepare together to get motivated and ready to travel beyond all limits in the coming year of 2023!

At 17:30 on Friday, (January 6), everyone was at the Sapa Village Hotel – the party venue, to check in together and take beautiful pictures.

At the beginning of the program, CEO Trinh Tung Anh took the time to share with STFers the achievements of the past year as well as send everyone thanks and happy new year wishes.

2023 01 31 17.09.11

Closing the opening speech of the party, together with the Board of Directors, all employees raised glasses to congratulate, showing solidarity and determination with New Year’s goals.

photo 2023 01 31 17.10.32

photo 2023 01 31 17.10.35

Following the event, an essential component is that we express our gratitude and congratulations to our colleagues for their contributions in 2022 via the Honoring section of typical individuals.

Ending the party night with hopes and wishes for the company to grow stronger and stronger so that every year has a memorable anniversary and unforgettable moments.


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