Let’s look back at the teambuilding kick start program 2023

Starfruit JSC 01/02/2023

After a long time of work, last January 6 – January 8, 2023, the Starfruit family had the opportunity to come together and burn out in the teambuilding program 3 days 2 nights in Sapa. Here, STFer has experienced many useful activities such as visiting Sapa Stone Church, Ham Rong Mountain tourist area and visiting Cat Cat village, … enjoying regional specialties, enthusiastic about participating in games in the game cozy party, full of meaning.

With the message “One Team One Dream”, as part of a series of activities to arouse solidarity, STF has been active together throughout the journey.

The trip ended with many very positive feedbacks from the participants.

With the spirit of working hard, playing hard, hope that the next teambuilding events STF will always receive a lot of precious emotional support from the members.

STF would like to sincerely thank the companions of STFer in the recent development journey. It is hoped that STF staff will continue to keep their enthusiasm in their hearts to contribute to the development of STF more and more strongly.

Wishing STF to continue to take firm steps in the way ahead and confidently assert a prestigious and quality brand in the Technology market.


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