The Indispensable Role of DAM for Customer Experience Strategy

You neither ignore any customer nor the customer experience. And DAM is necessary across all customer segments to deliver engaging and personalized CX across multiple channels. Today, customers have tremendous power. Can you imagine what your business looks like without adding the dimension of customer experience? From revenue growth and CSAT perspective, it is unthinkable … Continued

Biggest Retail Industry Trends and Consumers Expectations in 2022

The evolved relationship between the retail industry and consumers can be easily attributed to the transformation and innovation in retail. Here’s looking at it in 2022. In the past couple of years, the upheavals and expectations the retail sector has seen (and has become accustomed to) is no less than a feat. Being first in … Continued

Is Your Digital Commerce Business ‘Holiday Shopping Ready’?

How your existing systems’ readiness is crucial in delivering exceptional shopping experience and boosting eCommerce sales during the holiday season. With the holiday season around the corner, digital commerce businesses are stepping up their efforts in making calculated estimates, forecasting shoppers’ preferences, stockpiling on sought-after products, predicting spikes, sensing demand dips, strengthening supplier and partner … Continued

How to Improve Your eCommerce Product Catalog Management

The role of product catalogs is steadily increasing for improving both online and offline consumer experience. But their real power lies in their ability to enhance the vibrancy and vividness of products so that consumers can better visualize and imagine products. The role of product catalogs is steadily increasing for improving both online and offline … Continued

Elasticsearch & Pimcore Modernize Search Experiences in Digital Commerce

Introduction For shops that contain millions of different products, your enterprise requires an alternative to MySQL to provide an optimal user experience in terms of both functionality and speed. Elasticsearch is an open-source search engine, built to handle such scenarios, where a set of millions of entries needs to be queried in just a few milliseconds. Pimcore provides … Continued

Streamlined Content Management In Magento

Online retailers may face a situation where they want to engage visitors via diverse and visually appealing content but are restricted by the content management capabilities of their eCommerce platform. Possible solutions to this challenge differ depending on weak spots of each platform and a retailer’s expectations can vary from customizing a page editor to … Continued