Virtual Tour for Real Estate: The Rising of Virtual Trends in 2022

Virtual reality solutions are becoming popular in almost every industry and real estate field is no exception. Currently, virtual reality Virtual Tour for Real Estate is being used by many companies as a new way to promote and introduce new real estate projects to a wide range of customers. Virtual Tour Trends in the World and Vietnam … Continued

360 Virtual Tour for Industrial Park

In the race of technology and digital transformation, not only retail, real estate, furniture fields… are applying new technologies to reach customers. In fact, businesses in the industrial sector are also applying VR (Virtual Tour) technology to their work. Virtual Tour for industrial park can help customers experience the entire facilities, campus space and interact with every … Continued

Bring everything into virtual reality with 3D digitization solution

3D laser scanning technology has been widely used in today’s life. In addition, the 3D digitization of objects and works has greatly helped users in storing, sharing and increasing the experience for viewers. So what is 3D digitization? Let’s find out through the following article. What is 3D digitization 3D digitization is known as a technology … Continued

360 Virtual Tour for Hospital

Virtual reality technology is being widely applied in all industries and the medical industry is no exception. Virtual Tour for the hospital is a technology that helps patients and customers visit before going to the hospital or visit the intensive care rooms, restricting people to enter. This is considered a new step in customer service for many … Continued

360 Virtual Tour for museum and exhibition

When we talk about the exhibitions or museums, many people imagine a space that is too quiet, boring and sometimes too crowded. It is not difficult to see each group of people waiting, taking turns to choose the appropriate stand to observe documents and artifacts in museums or exhibitions. Without a guide, visitors have to … Continued

360 Virtual Tour for Interior Showroom

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the Furniture is a fiercely competitive market, in order to attract customers, besides improving the quality of products, designs, models and good services, the display of showroom space is also very important in the customer decision making. Applying VR (Virtual … Continued