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Corepulse is a Pimcore CMS bundle that offers all Pimcore CMS features with a more user-friendly interface for content admins. Users must install both Pimcore and Corepulse as a mandatory condition. However, Corepulse offers unique management dashboards that are easy and adaptable, with capabilities appropriate for even non-technical users.
Flexibility & Simplicity
Corepulse provides several themes and templates for product feed management and simple content publishing & media management. Even if you are not technical, it is ready to use!
Corepulse offers multilingual capabilities, allowing you to manage material in any language of your choice in order to maintain consistency with content on output channels.
SEO Friendly
With SEO analytics, which covers not only in-depth analytics but also site quality control, redirect/alias management, and a range of other capabilities, Corepulse will significantly improve the work of marketers.
Multi-site management
You are able to publish content from a single location across thousands of websites, applications, and devices with Corepulse. How amazing it is to put less effort into publishing while still delivering consistent customer experiences!
User authorization
In Corepulse, user authorization relies on the idea of roles and users. Each user has the ability to have many roles and associated permissions, which facilitate simple system administration.
Case studies
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Hong Ngoc Hospital
Building the Hong Ngoc Hospital website system
Website Sun Group
Build the entire Sun Group website system
Website Sun Property
Building website for Sun Property - a subsidiary of Sun Group
Website Sun World
Website introducing Sun World - the entertainment brand of Sun Group
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Why Corepulse?
Flexible - Customizable - Easy to use
User experience
Create and customize documents with ready-to-use area bricks, templates, fonts, colors, and merge fields.
Online booking, secure messaging, data import and export, advanced object search, customer management, and more.
Use Corepulse for any type of content and data, and adjust the layout, size, and style of each component.
Delivering fast and reliable content and data delivery
Frequently Update
New features, improvements, and bug fixes from Corepulse to keep your content and data up to date and secure.
Encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect your data and transactions
Full Document
Access full documentation and support for Corepulse, including user guide, FAQs, tutorials, tips, and customer service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pimcore CMS is an open-source content management system that is ideal for enterprise use and offers a unified platform for managing digital material without boundaries from any channels or devices.
It is intended to assist companies of all sizes in streamlining the processes involved in content development, administration, and distribution while also offering a variety of strong tools for enhancing their digital experiences. In short, Pimcore CMS helps enterprises simplify their content management.

Extraordinary benefits of Pimcore CMS are:

-Digitalization of marketing technology
- ROI improvement
- Better management of personalized experiences
- The synthesis of content, commerce, and contextualization
- Single-source, multi-channel publishing system

Pimcore CMS comes with a wide range of features and capabilities that make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to manage their digital content more effectively.

- WYSIWYG and Usability
- Multi-lingual
- Multi-site management
- Personalization
- Content-commerce
- SEO & Marketing Toolbox
- Mobile Friendly