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Traveling with VR360 technology is becoming an growing experience trend for those who love travel activities. By using VR360 virtual reality technology, travel is no longer limited by space, time, distance... anyone can experience travel anytime, anywhere with just one click. A simple mouse click!
Direct Interaction
You can interact directly with the place you want to explore with functions continuously developed by Goterest such as playing sound, auto-rotate, google map, moving around, floor plan, green screen. .. and many other interactive features.
Intuitive Information
Providing beautiful, realistic, and intuitive images of tourist attractions as well as a diverse source of information with knowledge about history, culture, restaurants, and hotels, Goterest makes it easier for you on every trip!
Multi-dimensional experience
By inheriting VR360 technology from Panoee - TOP virtual tour software loved by a large international community, Goterest hopes to bring users smooth experiences with multi-dimensional interaction.
On-site experience
All it takes is one click! You don't have to go far to see the scenery you want. All places in Vietnam are collected, synthesized and edited by Goterest to create the most beautiful images with the highest quality.
Save time
Instead of having to write a leave application for a trip, experiencing it online and interacting 360 degrees with the location will help you save a lot of time while still bringing a real travel feeling.
Cost savings
VR360 brings an exploration experience like you are present at that location. Certainly, the electricity cost to charge your phone/laptop for online experiences will be much cheaper than actual travel.
Easy to share
You can absolutely share with your friends the images and information you collect on Goterest via link, QR code or any other social networking platform very easily.
Interact with friends
Easily tag friends in favorite locations to chat together, plan trips or simply review memories at that location.
Easy travel planning
No more headaches and wasting too much time searching for information about where you want to go on your next trip. Everything becomes simple, fast and neat with Goterest!
Explore Landmarks
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Lang Son Monuments
Project to build VR 360 virtual tour of Lang Son relics including Nhi Thanh Mountain, Tam Thanh Pagoda, Mac Dynasty Citadel
VR360 tour of Hue city
Project to build a VR 360 virtual tour of monuments in Hue City
Mobifone 30 years
Building a virtual museum to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of MobiFone Corporation
Hall of Fame - Bao Viet
Bao Viet's project to build a virtual exhibition space - a place to honor outstanding Vietnamese Stars
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! With the goal of community-oriented development, Goterest is for anyone and does not charge any fees of any kind. You can explore images and information about the tourist destination you want completely free of charge.

Absolutely not! You can be anyone, of any age and can be ready to use Goterest immediately.

With Goterest, you can explore a general map of provinces and cities in Vietnam with famous tourist destinations, highly rated restaurants, hotels,... Or more simply, you just need to enter the name of the place you want to visit and Goterest will provide you with realistic images and information you need.

Planning a trip has never been easier!

We have a belief in building Virtual Reality Tours and in fact our journey started a long time ago. We have been doing 360 degree photography since 2013. After going through everything, we realized that Photographers need a solution that helps them make high quality Virtual Reality Tours faster and more efficient . That's why Panoee was born.

Later, when the virtual reality tourism experience was strongly welcomed but still not really developed in Vietnam, the idea of developing Goterest was rekindled. With a mission towards the community - especially those who love travel, Goterest hopes to take advantage of the huge data source and available technology to create a non-profit platform for everyone.