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UI/UX Design
Solve user problems & provide products a competitive edge by perfect User Experience. Create sensory impression & memory, and brand awareness with an excellent Design Interface.
Market Insights
Researching the market and grasping users' needs to make the appropriate selections about both product orientation and business objectives.
UX Design
User Experience Design is based on sets of standards and behavioral studies appropriate to each business/sector in order to produce products that satisfy user demands while being simple to use.
UI Design
User Interface Design based on brand identity, modern design style & screen standards.

A structure that strikes a balance between being orderly & appealing while also evoking an emotional response in the user.
Design Systems
Complete & consistent design systematization to ensure all product components have a logical appearance and function.

Attached with a description to support the programming team in reusing and exploiting the design on all screens and future operations.
Value Delivery
Overall process
Starfruit's complete UI/UX design process helps enhance product value.
Enhance the competitiveness of solutions.
One of the keys to keeping a highly competitive product is a solid UI/UX design. With its design strategy, Starfruit promises to provide its business partners with a top-tier product and user experience.
Increase sales.
Since good design has a direct & immediate impact on sales, Starfruit always approaches by comparing and applying its UI/UX standards to its partners' business goals.
Simplify business processes.
No matter how complicated a partner's business logic is, Starfruit will make sure user activities are as quick and simple to understand as feasible. "Solve problems in the simplest & most effective way" is the most significant objective and principle in Starfruit's UI/UX design.
Exploit new business prospects/opportunities.
A strong UI/UX design will set the foundation for the target partners & customers to explore new experiences and business opportunities; ultimately extending the reach of your target market.
Improve customer retention.
The customer retention rate is a direct parameter reflection of Starfruit's effectiveness in UI/UX design to ensure that your users stay on the site (or app) for as long as possible. This maintains interest and leads prospects to complete targeted actions.
Improve/ Enhance conversion rates.
Starfruit's team of UI/UX design experts will help partners significantly improve customer behavior conversion rates by thinking through, building user flow scenarios, and helping to execute those scenarios in an effective way.
Frequently Asked Questions
Ask Starfruit anything about UI/UX Design?

UX, or User Experience, in product development, refers to the process of designing and enhancing the overall experience users have when interacting with a software application or website.

UX focuses on factors such as usability, accessibility, intuitiveness, and satisfaction to create a positive and engaging user experience.

The cost of UI/UX design depends on many factors, including the complexity of the project, the size of the team, and the time needed to complete the design.

The average cost for UI/UX design in 2023 in the US ranges from 100 – 150 US$/hour.

The time needed to design a product also depends on many factors, including the complexity of the project, the size of the team, and the specific requirements of the customer.

However, in general, for 1 Landing it is ~1 week, for 1 Website Corporation ~1-3 weeks. While an E-commerce Website or a Digital Transformation solution can take up to 3 months to design an MVP.

A developer/UX engineer combines design and development skills to create user-centered digital experiences.

At Starfruit, the UX team often communicates with the UI design & interface programming (Frontend) teams to implement user interface design, package & organize interactive elements, optimize performance, and ensure a seamless user experience across various devices and platforms.

UX is an important factor that determines the success of a digital product. A product with good UX will be easy to use, accessible, and provide a positive user experience.

This will help the product attract more users and generate higher revenue.

There are many different UX design methods, including user research, experience design, user interface design, and development.

At Starfruit, the UX team needs to have knowledge & understand the process, UI methods & interface programming (Frontend) to create products with good UX.

There are many different UX design tools that can help UX engineers create products with good UX – the simplest of which is paper & pen (but at Starfruit we do more than that)

These tools help create Wireframes, Mockups, and Prototypes of products.