Apps and Data Integration

Pimcore seamlessly integrates into your existing IT landscape and ties all your data sources together. This ensures that every person in your organization always has access to up-to-date product data. The software’s Enterprise Open Source technology, powered by easy-to-use APIs, allows you to search and retrieve all data in real-time. It integrates with any new or existing system, allowing you to reuse data or extend its functionality.

APIs to Connect Anything

Pimcore enables you to take charge of data integration through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems. Its forward-thinking design is powered by a 100% API-driven software architecture. This allows for an unimaginable depth and extent of connectivity with business enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, BI, ESB, …) and external 3rd party applications. A standard API, a full-featured REST Webservice API, and a Data Hub GraphQL API provide everything required for two-way real-time communication with other systems.

Microsoft Excel Integration

Pimcore supports the import and export of CSV and XLSX spreadsheets (comma separated values). Natively import and export one- and two-dimensional data models. Save configurations for later use and share them with other users. Automatically match data of recurring imports and set up sophisticated transformation rules for data exports.

Easy Data Import

Import data from external sources based on a configured mapping without writing any code. Execute one-time or recurring imports. Pull data from remote SFTP or HTTP locations. Receive data by push. Supported file formats include CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML. Configure strategies for updating data, defining a location for newly imported data, publishing data, and cleanup of existing data. Receive import status updates, including extensive logging information.

Product Data Syndication

Capture your customers’ attention across markets and channels with the automated product information syndication of the Pimcore PIM software. Deliver tailored, standardized product content to more than 1 600 pre-integrated marketing, shopping, retail, and business channels.

Marketplace Integration

Pimcore lets you seamlessly integrate your product information within all leading digital marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, or Walmart. It offers complete cross-channel connectivity by solidifying and optimizing your product data for every niche, local or global marketplace. Additionally, the system features multi-channel order synchronization and orchestrates stock information across all marketplace channels.

Product Feed Management

Provide shoppers with a compelling product experience by crafting top-quality product feeds, perfectly tailored to the needs of your audiences and optimized for every channel. Use Pimcore to provide suitable product information to marketing and social media channels from Google Shopping to Facebook, Instagram, Criteo, Pinterest, and many more.