The Age of Digitally-Driven Manufacturing Operations

Expectations of manufacturers have increased enormously, especially where time-to-market is concerned. Therefore, digitalization with smarter data management is reshaping the manufacturing industry to consolidate scattered data and improve product experience. Drive digitalization with Pimcore PIM to improve operational excellence and deliver faster and smarter results.

The manufacturing industry is taking a dynamic shape with newer product innovations, changing market conditions, and rising customer expectations. CIOs in manufacturing industries are hard at work to accelerate business growth, increase the product value-chain, and provide better customer experience.

This is where, digitalization of physical products, services, and processes are becoming key for manufacturing operations. But for successful digital transformation, a lot depends upon how the data is organized, harmonized, and used across applications and channels for operational excellence, automation, and seamless digital experience.


Digital Enablement with Pimcore PIM Solutions

  • Data Management

    Import, consolidate, enrich, and deliver any data (single domain or multidomain) of any size in aligned with your business values and organizational strategies.

  • Digital Platform

    Build uniform B2B and B2C omni-channel experiences with inbuilt product information management, digital asset management, and web content management solutions.

  • Single-Source Publishing

    Centralize data in a single platform for quick and consistent access in order to react to the market demands faster (website, customers, and catalogues).

Operational Excellence with Pimcore PIM Solutions

  • Simplify

    Aggregate product content, data, and digital assets (coming from multiple sources), transform it in the desired format, and syndicate and publish it across multiple channels with defined business processes and workflows.

  • Automate 

    Automatize the web-to-print database publishing process for creating B2B and B2C product catalogs, PDFs, price sheets, and personalized marketing & sales collateral. Automate product information syndication and other repetitive processes. Build connectivity of business applications with IoT data or physical world data.

  • Accelerate

    Use a single version of truth for product assortment improvement, rapid SKU introduction, multi-channel selling, and speeding up the time-to-market of new products on-boarding. boost brand loyalty and revenue.

Better Customer Experience with Pimcore PIM Solutions

  • Standardization

    Deliver accurate, up-to-date, and compliant product data, digital assets, and related content for greater efficiencies and engaging digital experience to customers.

  • Omnichannel Ready

    Effectively communicate with consumers in the channel of their choice to increase product findability/visibility, amplify engagement, and improve conversion rate.

  • Extend Customer Value

    Data is the backbone of AI, ML and even 3D printing. Leveraging both data and next-gen technologies, you can make intelligent decisions, identify newer opportunities, extend values, and even reinvent customer experiences.