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DAM - Nền tảng quản trị Tài sản số / Thư viện số

Nền tảng quản trị Tài sản số / Thư viện số là Module thuộc bộ giải pháp Quản trị Trải nghiệm số của Starfruit cho phép Doanh nghiệp tổ chức, quản trị, tự động tối ưu & phân phối thư viện tài nguyên, file, ảnh, video, tài liệu & các nội dung số khác – một cách tập trung & hiệu quả.

File Management

Make use of a robust central repository for digital assets and metadata to organize and store your files in a structured way. Pimcore's digital asset management platform offers a vast array of features. These include VR/360 images, automatic AI/ML face and hotspot recognition, image editing, versioning, tagging, scheduling, and more. Compatible with any amount of data and any file format, Pimcore is an enterprise-ready DAM software for managing your digital media assets.

Metadata Management

Pimcore offers a highly flexible and configurable metadata management system. Together with the convenient tagging module, it makes your enterprise's shift towards creating a findable and meaningful asset collection attainable. Our Open Source DAM platform ensures that file management remains easy and consistent.

Image & Video Conversion

Generate optimized images for your webshops – cropped, resized, and optimized for page speed. Create download presets for the most-wanted versions for digital, print, and social. No matter the size or volume, Pimcore's Open Source DAM solution will get the job done.

Works With Any File Type

The Pimcore DAM system works with any file type, allowing you to collaborate on and publish them. It can preview and transform 220+ image, video, and office document file formats.

Workflow Management

Pimcore's Open Source DAM platform includes a state-of-the-art workflow engine to define business processes and editorial workflows.

Publish Digital Assets Anywhere

Nowadays, marketers need digital media assets within all communication and sales channels. Images and videos are essential for product marketing, commerce, merchandising, and the entire product sales and support cycle. Whether it's a collection of product shots, a new brochure, or a photoshoot that's ready to go: Pimcore's API pushes your final assets to destinations like CMS, digital commerce, PIM, and other applications. Pimcore's rich omnichannel publishing functionalities distribute suitable digital media assets to the various output channels.

Asset Experience Portal

Create outstanding digital asset experiences by delivering files from Pimcore's DAM to customer-facing portals in real-time. These highly configurable media asset libraries provide indispensable capabilities such as search, filtering, sharing, and analytics. Key users can be internal (sales, marketing, and product teams) and external (agencies, press, vendors, distributors, customers). Get your unique data hub for media assets.

Microsoft & Adobe Integration

Access all files stored in Pimcore from your operating system’s desktop – on your PC or your Mac. Pimcore directly integrates with your Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Access and utilize Pimcore digital media assets at the click of a button – without ever having to leave your favorite application.

Pimcore Direct Edit

Add Pimcore to your desktop to make media and document editing more efficient and flexible. Direct Edit allows you to open and edit assets stored in Pimcore with your desktop applications. Download and edit files in your preferred apps – File Edit automatically syncs them and reuploads them to the DAM.

Enterprise Print Publishing

Omni-channel enterprise print and database publishing are a constant companion within PIM projects. Keep publishing on track in a world on the move with the integrated Pimcore publishing components. Completely automate your print processes for marketing and sales material. And create personalized print-ready marketing collateral such as price lists, brochures, technical documentation, and up-to-date presentations at the click of a button.

Enterprise Metadata Management

Get the world's most powerful metadata management system. With the introduction of advanced data types for DAM, Pimcore revolutionizes advanced enterprise metadata management. It features unprecedented and highly sophisticated visual asset metadata modeling capabilities, never before seen in any other digital asset management solution. Make your DAM smarter by utilizing the excellent new features for data modeling.

Giải quyết bài toán quản trị Tài nguyên số trong Chuyển đổi số

Giải pháp DAM (Digital Asset Management) của Starfruit không chỉ là bộ công cụ quản lý file, mà còn đóng vai trò quan trọng trong bộ giải pháp Quản trị Trải nghiệm cũng như bất kỳ 1 hệ thống Chuyển đổi số nào. Việc quản trị tập trung cho phép Doanh nghiệp có thể cấu trúc, tái sử dụng, phân phối trong nội bộ Tổ chức lẫn xuất bản lên các nền tảng số khác nhau. Khả năng tìm kiếm nhanh, hiệu năng truy vấn cao kết hợp với khả năng mở rộng gia tăng khả năng vận hành hiệu quả, cho phép triển khai tự động hoá quy trình, bổ trợ cho các chiến dịch Marketing đa kênh.