B2C Commerce Experiences

The Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework provides the necessary building blocks and the flexibility and innovation of open-source software to support highly individualized B2C commerce. As a state-of-the-art alternative to existing legacy e-commerce platforms, its composable and component-based software architecture allows enterprises to rapidly develop high-converting, customer-centric B2C commerce applications.

A component-based development framework – including flexible and composable microservices for creating individualized e-commerce platforms – is an absolute must in modern-day e-commerce. The availability of optimized product content on any channel is the foundation for this. That’s why we believe in PIM-powered digital commerce.

2 500+ Sales Channels

Classic online shops, social media platforms, marketplaces, or POS: With Pimcore, you can centrally syndicate your data to every sales channel. Effortlessly prepare, transform, and list your products on every channel that is relevant to your target groups. 2 500+ channels, such as Amazon, Zalando or Google Shopping Feeds are already pre-integrated in Pimcore. Each channel’s data can differ in assortments, attributes, and pricing. In addition to these default channels, you can use the API to build custom integrations and reach your customers wherever they are.