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Starfruit xây dựng nền tảng thương mại điện tử có thể giải quyết các bài toán phức tạp trong thực tế; đem lại cho người dùng trải nghiệm được tuỳ biến & cá nhân hoá với khả năng mở rộng nghiệp vụ không giới hạn.

Bộ giải pháp cũng đồng thời cung cấp bộ công cụ API cho phép nâng cấp nhằm sẵn sàng đáp ứng bài toán B2C & B2B.


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Pimcore is the enterprise-ready, open-source alternative for advanced B2C eCommerce platforms. Pimcore`s enterprise eCommerce software, which also doubles up as a customer experience management solution, is used by leading enterprises, digital agencies, and system integrators. Drive more sales and provide personalized shopping experiences in real time omni-channel environments.

Nền tảng Headless eCommerce đáp ứng nhu cầu TMĐT B2B

Pimcore provides the tools and functionalities to build B2B eCommerce applications in an agile manner. It can easily handle:

  • Complicated pricing and product structures
  • Complex availability computation
  • Agile projects with evolving needs
  • Individual design and checkouts
  • Multiple catalogues, currency, price lists, and product views
  • Multiple front-end apps and flexible promotions

Why rely on the Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework?

  • Headless API-driven framework for commerce-as-a-service
  • Powered by nextgen Open Source Omnichannel technology
  • Foundation for B2B/B2C product configurations and CPQ platforms
  • Content Commerce platform with DXP/CMS, PIM, MDM, DAM, and CDP
  • Personalized experience for any eCommerce touchpoint in real-time
All-in-One eCommerce

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We have been solving complex e-business problems since 2002. With omni-channel expertise, process know-how and passion, our crew of more than 150 experts offers successful strategies and solutions for the age of digital transformation .
Enterprise Commerce Platform
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Unified Digital Experience

Pimcore enterprise eCommerce software offers high-end content management ensuring flexibility, consistency, and continuity of content.

PIM powered eCommerce

Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers prefer no compromises with the quality of their product information and our PIM powered eCommerce solution gives them just that.

Unrivalled Interoperability

The digital commerce framework provides unmatched interoperability between business-critical systems, technologies, and data sources, and can help enterprises attain optimal digital engagement.

(Re)build your eCommerce with headless commerce solutions

Speed, scalability, flexibility, API-first, Cloud Native, and full control over your customer’s experience are only a few of the advantages of headless architecture.