Omnichannel Publishing

Publishing features are among the most critical characteristics of a PIM system. Along the entire customer journey, customers expect to receive accurate product information. Marketers need up-to-date product information for all communication and sales channels. Hence, product data has become a critical asset for product marketing, commerce, and the entire product sales and support cycle. Pimcore’s rich omnichannel publishing functionalities automatically provide the right product information to your various output channels.

Built-in Digital Commerce

Pimcore includes a digital commerce framework. Create groundbreaking B2B and B2C online shops on top of scalable microservices. Its modular, composable features include search, filtering, price calculation, vouchers, carts, checkout, and payment provider integrations. Of course, you can also publish data for your existing eCommerce applications. Use pre-built connectors to Magento and Shopware, and utilize Pimcore’s APIs to seamlessly connect to Shopify, Sitecore, or Salesforce.

Product Configurators

Pimcore constitutes a great foundation for creating enterprise-grade product configurators. Its enormous flexibility allows you to join the royal class of brands that provide an amazing digital customer experience. The Community Edition of Pimcore is fully Open Source, just like Akeneo. Beyond that, Pimcore also includes a headless, API-first GraphQL-driven commerce framework, which means that the front end is completely decoupled. This makes it perfect for building awesome product configurators! Look at the ones most liked by our community.

Built-in DXP and CMS

Pimcore’s DXP and CMS include a content management framework for delivering digital experiences based on rich product information. Manage product content in the Pimcore PIM and DAM systems, and build incredible, personalized digital experiences on top of your master data. Seamless single-source publishing provides the right product information to digital channels such as portals, eCommerce systems, websites, and mobile apps.

Print Publishing

Pimcore features powerful database publishing functionalities for web-to-print. Revolutionize traditional print processes for creating B2B and B2C marketing and sales collateral. Automate creating datasheets and content such as price lists, product catalogs, and other publications. Give your global sales and marketing teams access to the system, allowing them to download personalized product information in real-time – in the right format and always up to date. Optional Adobe InDesign integration is, of course, available as well.

Headless PIM

Use Pimcore as your headless, decoupled PIM system, providing product information in real-time to 3rd party output channels. Either use the included Pimcore Datahub to configure GraphQL interfaces for quickly accessing product information or take advantage of the standard Pimcore API to access all managed data within minutes. Define, model, and map imports and exports using an easy-to-configure, graphical user interface. Schedule jobs to run automatically or execute them manually.

Product Experience Portal

The Pimcore Product Experience Portal is an advanced and configurable enterprise solution to provide product information to the end customer or internal sales, marketing, and product management teams. Create portals for your key users to access, search, and share product information in real-time.