Data Editing

Follow a standard product creation process. Duplicate existing products, enter new ones from scratch or based on templates, or enrich automatically imported product data from your ERP. The consistent organization, aggregation, classification, and translation of product information are just some of the impressive features of Pimcore. It also allows you to add attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data. Start managing every aspect of each record, including hierarchy, structure, validations, and versions.

Batch Editing

Click on any folder in the system to see an Excel-like tabular list of all data records inside. There are multiple actions that a user can take from this list view. They include sorting and filtering, inline editing, bulk editing, searching, or exporting data to Microsoft Excel. Pimcore’s grid view is simply a great experience. Our integrated query builder even lets you predefine column configurations and share them with your team.

User and Rights Management

The Pimcore PIM platform includes advanced rights management out-of-the-box. The interface is available in 20+ languages, and system-wide roles combined with individual user permissions control access to all data. With customized layouts, you can configure on field-level granularity. Perspectives morph the interface to fit  the needed editorial workflow in the best possible way. Of course, Multifactor Authentication (2FA) and industry-standard SSO protocols such as LDAP, OAuth, or Social Authentication run out-of-the-box as well. Provide users with a unified login experience and integrate the system with your cloud apps. It’s just incredible.

Data Validation

Data validation is the key to ensuring and improving data quality. Validate all data attributes within Pimcore based on specific rule sets. Our platform also comes with various helpful data types, such as selection lists, that predefine possible values. Preconfigured data types for colors, URLs, geodata, countries and languages, numbers, or SKUs ensure outstanding data quality for your business.

Pimcore Perspectives

Pimcore is not just a standard one-size-fits-all PIM software. The Pimcore data management user interface is highly configurable and adjusts to each key user groups’ particular needs. Different interfaces –in Pimcore jargon called perspectives– for domain-specific data management or business user tasks improve the data management experience and boost the efficiency of your editorial workflows.

Publishing & Versioning

Use the decadent publishing and versioning features of the Pimcore Platform to stay entirely in charge of your enterprise data. Governance policies paired with workflows and access management rules give you precise control over all product information. Use the scheduled publishing feature or quickly restore earlier versions. Trace your data with the versioning feature. Our complete audit trails help you track every modification made to product attributes.