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A data model relates to the data, its characteristics, and its relationships with other data. Pimcore’s multi-domain MDM platform enables enterprises to manage any domain’s data, including attributes and relationships. It keeps SKUs organized – for instance, by family or category – and makes them easily accessible throughout the entire product life cycle. Pimcore connects to your ecosystem with its fully API-driven architecture.

Visual Data Modeling

Our web-based, intuitive data-modeling building tool lets you configure product data models within minutes in a graphical user interface – no coding required. More than 40 high-performance data input components easily handle millions of products or other master data with thousands of attributes each. This makes Pimcore an excellent fit for both operational and analytical PIM and MDM solutions.

Multi-Domain Support

Pimcore’s scope of functionality is extraordinarily broad for two data domains in particular: product data and customer data. Our free demo packages even include blueprint data models for these domains. Flexibly extend the data models as needed with your attributes or create entirely new entities. Pimcore automatically stores all data in relational SQL databases. Experience the undeniable magic of managing your enterprise data with Pimcore.

Powerful Data Models

Pimcore is a data management powerhouse. Its out-of-the-box data models can be freely combined to construct flexible, scalable data models for any industry. They can also be exported and imported for reuse and sharing.

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