The Future of Travel Is Data-Driven

Today’s digitally savvy travelers want immediate access to all travel itinerary and products across any channel and during the whole customer journey. And, this is making digitalization’s role more prominent to simplify travelers’ journey.

Besides, accurate product data and consistent experiences are key to keep travel experience exciting. Thus, the travel industry needs a robust PIM platform for better data management and consistent travel experience.


Digital Transformation with Pimcore PIM Solutions

  • Data Management

    Manage and consolidate travel related product data (such as accommodations, flights, tours, tickets and sights), digital assets, and content to transform and optimize experience for online booking and reservation systems, digital distribution, marketing and customer service. It is the ideal platform for both aggregating travel related master data and enabling complex travel e-commerce processes.

  • Travel Commerce

    Use Pimcore as the central commerce engine for creating travel-related e-commerce applications such as online booking, reservation and ticketing applications. Pimcore’s open-source components enables you to quickly roll out the next big personalized booking engine for the dynamic packaging of travel related products with real-time, personalized pricing and one-step checkout processes.

  • Operational Automation

    Automate time-consuming and error-prone process of publishing product data (including descriptions like locations, hotels, and resorts), digital assets, and dynamic rich content across channels for faster time-to-market. Quickly respond to curious and demanding travelers with personalized messaging, products, and services at the right time and at the right channel.

Omni-Channel Travel Experience with Pimcore PIM Solutions

  • Personalized Engagement

    Fluidly engage the digital-savvy travelers with an omni-channel presence across mobile, social, web, and wearable technologies. Behavioral targeting engine of Pimcore CMS/UX in combination with the Pimcore Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows website personalization through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Faster Discovery

    Disseminate travel information and content to customers consistently in no time across web, mobile, smart device, and social platforms. This makes easier for travelers to compare up-to-date tour itineraries & prices, top recommendations, and overall ratings to easily identify the best tour package.

  • Enhance Conversion

    With content interaction, integration & aggregation, and personalized targeting, attract new visitors, increased the number of bookings, and boost travel business growth. This will also help you drive differentiation and loyalty.

Integration and Expansion with Pimcore PIM Solutions

  • Content and Commerce

    Create a single source of truth for up-to-the-minute travel content delivery across print, online, and mobile. Seamlessly combine product and marketing content and use the integrated digital marketing capabilities to create exceptional solutions with boosted conversion rates.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Based on Elastic Search, Kibana, and machine learning technologies, identify, visualize and segment audiences to explore new opportunities and cross-sell/up-sell the existing ones.

  • Globalization

    Accelerate and scale your travel business worldwide with the capability of Content-as-a-Service, localization, multilingual support, multi-role administration, responsive layout, and digital asset repository.