Flexible Workflows

Workflows define the asset lifecycle states as well as when and how editors and users can interact with marketing content. The advanced workflow engine of the Pimcore DAM platform lets you design editorial workflows. Provide users with different views on your assets, depending on their access rights and predefined workflow steps.

Workflow States & Actions

Configure multiple flexible workflows on digital media assets to support data maintenance processes and media asset life cycles. Define conditions under which an asset can enter the next workflow state. Use criteria such as mandatory checkboxes, metadata, and licensing, or copyright information. Notifications keep everyone on the same page, even in large marketing teams with complex use cases. A complete audit trail of each workflow step and each modification is available in the workflow history.

Workflow Messaging & Notifications

Pimcore includes messaging and notification functionalities to keep users up-to-date during the transition between workflow states. Use this feature to enable designers to track time spent on asset management tasks or allow photographers to send assets in for review. The software also sends customized or automated e-mail messages to responsible or accountable stakeholders or displays them inside the integrated notification center.

Workflow Designer

Design your workflows instead of coding them. The Workflow Designer provides a visual wizard for the Pimcore workflow engine. It allows creating, managing, and designing workflow definitions and organizing them in a folder structure. Define workflow places, transitions, and global actions with a visual planner and specify all settings inline.

End-User Workflows

Pimcore Workflows are primarily suited for digital asset management and editorial purposes within the Pimcore back-end interface. However, many companies also need to present, share, and collaborate on digital media assets with other partners, such as external or internal marketing agencies, non-marketing departments, photographers, or designers. For this purpose, the Pimcore Asset Experience Portal is the right solution.