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Xây dựng Tour VR360 giá rẻ

High resolution 8K

8K/32MP resolution makes it very competative camera for a lot of high end uses cases. In this case the 8K is captured using 4 photos and stitched which makes quality even better.

HDR capture

In-built HDR makes the images absolutely gorgeous especially combined with their Any scene technology. Tough contrasts are taken care of easily.

Thời gian xử lý nhanh

Tích hợp đầy đủ tính năng bộ giải pháp Tour VR360

Tối ưu chi phí

Unlimited Customization

Beautiful interfacesdesigned to be so easy to use and customize almost any property from Panoramas, Scene, Hotspots, Interactions, Colors, Fonts etc.

Share and Embed Easily

A single well built responsive website may be enough, but multiple landing pages are constantly created and tested.

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Can I use Trisio Lite 2 for creating virtual tours for Real Estate?

Yes, capture the images with Trisio (which stitches the images and creates the 360 photos) and upload them to your GoThru account. Use the Real Estate template and have a detailed virtual tour of the house

Do I need to stitch the images to create 360 images?

No, the 360 images are automatically stitched by Trisio Lite 2.

Can I use Trisio to capture images for inside businesses and publish them to Google Street View?

Yes, Trisio is the right camera for starting a business on capturing the inside of the businesses and with GoThru platform to publish the virtual tours to Google Street View.

Can I download and check the images taken with Trisio Lite 2?

Yes, you can download the images. Here is a sample of the original files from Trisio, with no processing Here is a link of the 360 images in a tour created with GoThru