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Solutions development on Pimcore DXP
Pimcore is an open-source Data and Experience Management (DXP) platform that helps businesses organize and manage their data effectively, thereby creating personalized customer experiences across digital environments.
Why choose Pimcore DXP?
Cost optimization
As an open source platform, Pimcore allows deployment partners to freely exploit & use to build applications that meet all sizes of businesses on different server environments, including Cloud.
Highly recommended by a global network of experts
Pimcore is always in the TOP of DXP solutions, continuously recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Ventana Research and positive customer feedback across platforms like G2, Capterra. Learn more
Data & experience management capabilities
Pimcore can be used to manage many types of data, including products, services, documents, images, and videos; allows businesses to create personalized experiences, based on data about user behavior.
Ability of extension
Pimcore can be scaled to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, allowing businesses to grow and adapt to market changes. This is made possible by Master Data management capabilities & Enterprise software architecture.
Security capabilities
Pimcore is designed based on Symfony security best-practice standards. Integration with robust security features enables you to protect your data & create a secure digital experience.
Flexible and customizable
As a DXP solution, Pimcore can be customized to meet all business needs - from information website systems, Wikis, Portals, Social Network models, to Digital Transformation solutions in various fields.
High performance
Starfruit's Pimcore development solution can support up to a million CCUs and has the ability to auto-scale in various Infrastructure contexts. It is constantly designed and optimized to be ready to satisfy query needs and provide effective services at a big scale.

This helps businesses provide a fast and smooth customer experience.
Integrate with other systems
Starfruit deploys Pimcore in projects that are always built from the ground up to be integrated with other systems, such as ERP, CRM... thanks to the API-first model. This helps businesses leverage data from other systems to create a seamless customer experience.
Pimcore's modules
Overall process
Pimcore includes 6 Modules, which are always ready for all DXP needs.
Product Information Management
The ability to manage millions of products with hundreds of attributes.
  • Manage up to thousands of Data Objects with hundreds of different attributes.
  • Flexible Data Modeling with dozens of available data formats (Image, Video, Rich-text, 360, Map, Gallery, Catalog...)
  • Administration Workflow - Allows you to design processes to manage, update & synchronize data based on standards & roles.
  • Master Data optimization & organization tool.
  • Report design, search, lookup; Customize display & import/export data.
  • Synchronize & integrate data between multiple Enterprise systems according to Restful API / GraphQL / SOAP standards.
  • Manage users & roles.
Digital Asset Management
Meets unified management capabilities of images, videos, documents, files, text,... across all digital environments.
  • Manage all media files centrally, support 220+ formats, unified, multi-channel
  • Professional digital asset management tool, allowing editing and attribute editing.
  • Allows automatically optimizing images and videos such as resizing, re-format... for display in various environments.
  • Powerful Editor - Allows you to edit colors, add watermarks, notes...
  • Supports management by directory tree
  • Search media files easily
Content Management System
Professional toolkit for editing & publishing content; Supports the ability to personalize content display:
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use editing tool that supports drag and drop.
  • Open multiple tabbed editor windows.
  • Search for any article quickly & conveniently.
  • Content editing tools right on the table like Excel. Supports updating multiple content at once.
  • Unlimited multi-language support.
  • Post review flow and Change history: Allows posting review through multiple steps, according to process & authorization.
  • Control change history (Revision).
  • Supports recycle bin to recover deleted content.
  • Onpage SEO optimization: Optimize Metadata for Google SEO, integrating Google optimization tools such as GG Search Console, Analytic, GG Tag...
  • Email Manager: Manage email template content, sent email list & email sending/receiving process.
Customer Data Platform
Manage hundreds of thousands of consumers, synthesize and divide them into different segments, assist in creating 360-degree customers, and customize and optimize advertising
  • Collect and enrich customer information based on behavior and interaction history.
  • Customer Segmentation: Labeling, classification, customer segmentation, manual & automatic support.
  • Display Customer 360 information.
  • Supports Content Personalization.
  • Allows data synchronization from many different sources.
  • Publish customer data to other media channels.
Meets the ability to declare Product Catalog management & provide all necessary operations for all e-commerce needs of businesses.
  • Declare flexible sales channels and products.
  • Catalog configuration, flexible filter configuration.
  • Shopping Cart management.
  • Checkout management.
  • Payment Channel Integration & Management.
  • Design customized Order management flow according to Business needs.
  • Inventory and Transportation Management.
  • Flexible pricing policy configuration and Promotion campaigns.
  • Ready to deploy e-commerce models: B2C, B2B, B2B2C (Marketplace), Affiliate,...
  • Ready to integrate Loyalty solutions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Starfruit provides everything Enterprises need to deploy DXP.

A digital experience platform (DXP), according to Gartner, is “a set of integrated technologies designed to enable the authoring, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized, digital experiences based on customer journey.

Most DXP platforms are Enterprise solutions with huge costs, such as:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • IBM Watson Digital Experience
  • Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

By providing flexible features, Starfruit’s DXP solution can bring benefits to Businesses & its partners in many different ways, including:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The DXP platform helps businesses create personalized and seamless customer experiences across all digital environments.
  • Optimize Operations: DXP helps businesses streamline their operating models and save costs by providing a single solution for all their digital experience needs.
  • Better Scalability: DXP is designed to scale with the Enterprise, helping partners easily adapt to changing customer needs.
  • Better data analytics: DXP helps businesses collect and analyze data from a variety of channels, providing the insights needed to make more effective, informed decisions.

Content Management and eCommerce integration

DXP is built & extended from the Content Management (CMS) platform. In today’s digital age, content needs to be distributed to many different customer touchpoints such as Mobile Applications, Websites, Social Networks, integrated IoT devices, and even chatbot interfaces supported by AI.

In parallel, DXP also needs to facilitate eCommerce implementation by enabling transactions, building digital stores, supporting online payments, and order tracking/processing capabilities.

Smart Analytics System

Starfruit’s DXP platform is equipped with intelligent reporting & analytics tools that can provide real-time insights into customer journeys & user behavior. From there, businesses can deploy personalization and customize advertising campaigns more effectively.

Automation and Personalization Modules

With DXP, by collecting customer behavior as well as third-party data, it allows businesses to create customized shopping experiences for each customer group.

While Automation is a tool that helps businesses expand the above experiences into journeys that allow customers to become more engaged and increase interaction between channels.

Integration API Layer

Starfruit’s DXP platform is always designed to be integrated with all other systems – Through open architecture, API-first, Headless CMS / Headless eCommerce model. This integration is seamless, thanks to support for multiple data synchronization methods.

Each business will have a need to deploy DXP at different times. For many businesses, the need for multi-channel marketing, eliminating data “silos”, and connecting & synthesizing centralized customer data,… can open up opportunities to deploy DXP. However, basically, there are two main needs:

  1. Demand for data: Data is the basis that drives decision-making and is the driving force of many businesses today. Manually collecting and synthesizing data… often consumes a lot of time and resources and can become ineffective and inaccurate.
  2. Demand for content: Customer experiences are built on content. It can be considered as fuel for sales, marketing and customer support.

In summary, businesses need to deploy DXP if the organization has the following needs:

  • The need to effectively manage customer data across multiple channels.
  • The need to create personalized customer experiences.
  • The need to effectively manage and distribute content across multiple channels.
  • The need to integrate disparate systems to create a seamless customer experience.
Starfruit is the #1 Pimcore DXP solution provider in Vietnam
With more than 7 years of experience, Starfruit is a partner providing comprehensive Pimcore solutions from consulting, implementation, training to after-sales support.

With a team of experienced and well-trained Pimcore experts, Starfruit can meet all DXP needs of businesses including many fields such as e-commerce, manufacturing, services and education.