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Value and Vision
100% Quality Basic
The outstanding quality of any of our products is achieved through constructing an effective interface.
    To ensure our output is of the highest quality, we have created a comprehensive system of checks and balances.
    Our client-oriented parts are tested against the W3C standards, linter programs, and quality control assessments conducted by our front-end developers in Peer Code Reviews.
    In addition, our QA specialists run rigorous tests to guarantee the final product is delivered as intended.
    Our art-director curates each product development cycle to guarantee exceptional designs.
    On the server-end, our codebases are assessed by the PSR-4 standards, linter programs, and Peer Code Reviews conducted by our back-end engineers.
    Lastly, our security department implements a variety of protocols and technologies to ensure our tools are secure and protected from any unauthorized access or data breach.
Our key solution
Our team is in charge of the reliability, safety, and relevance of the technologies used for the client.
    Each week we update you on the progress of the project and set goals for the following period.
    You have full access to our project management software (JIRA).
    You can always reach the project team through the project's chatroom on Slack.
    You can always track the work's progress and observe the latest version of the project online on the staging server.
Our team is responsible for the reliability, safety, and relevance of the technologies used for the client.
    We are prepared to take on tasks that require additional time and effort, such as troubleshooting complex technical issues and responding to customer inquiries.
    We can handle difficult situations with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity, and we are dedicated to upholding ethical standards and practices.
facts & numbers
Years of
Starfruit believes in the power of collaboration and strives to create an environment of shared success. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to delving into the complexities of business challenges and finding creative solutions.
With 10+ years of experience, we've provided hundreds of valuable projects
We employ over 50+ certified full-time professionals.
More than 500+ successfully implemented projects
We have worked with more than 60 Trustful Companions
Our Achievements
2012 - The pioneer to coverage Google Streetview in Vietnam
In 2012, Street View Vietnam project begins, Starfruit employees start the first tests using a van equipped with cameras on the roof in Ha Noi Capital. After 3 years, this project covered nearly 20 big cities in Vietnam, attracted more than 2 billion people access.
2015 – Invited by Google to speak in Google Global Summit in Amsterdam.
Starfruit was very honor to become the first company in Vietnam which contributed a huge data of Vietnam Streets on google map using Google's streetview technology. In 2015, we received the invitation to Google global summit in amsterdam to sharring our view and approaching to the project
2016 – Lauching Lapentor the first global Platform of Creating Virtutal Tour 360
Lapentor was the first product of Starfruit which attract more than 500 paid user after 1 month launching. Lapentor is the platform of creating virtual tour 360 for professtional who have trouble in coding, designing or wondering about the price of available offline software.
2020 - Becoming the first partner of PimCore Solution in VietNam
"We're excited to partner with Starfruit to enhance our offerings for customers and make selling online more accessible and manageable. A strong digital commerce presence is essential to compete in today's retail landscape. Joining forces with Starfruit is the obvious next step to help our customers take their online management to the next level."
Dietmar Rietsch, CEO, Pimcore
2021 - Launching Panoee - The Global Platform for everyone to manage and create Virtual tour 360
Among all other expensive tools out there, we want Panoee to be accessible by everyone. And in the era of so-called Metaverse, we want your beautiful 360 photo to be shared and visited by anyone from everywhere, without limitation, on any platform or hardware.
Trinh Tung Anh - CEO
We love what we do     ✺ We love what we do ✺
Our Leader Board
Our dedicated Team is made up of 70 staff members Meet some of our team below. People with their ambitions and aspirations have contributed to creating and maintaining the stability of your website
The way we work
Let’s start with a conversation. Let us know what your challenges are, and our consultants will share with you insights and strategies on how to efficiently achieve your goals.
"Win - Win - Win" Principle
(Everything we do) We do with principle to bring great value & benefit for our partners, our social & ourselves..
Iterative way of working
We work according to the Build > Measure > Learn cycle from the Lean Startup model. Together with you we determine the first milestones in order to be able to test them early. The results help us to improve the project.
Sustainable planning
We apply industry-leading guidelines and best practices for web/app development, allowing us to bring to life a product that highest quality..
Fixed Price offer
We maintain a transparent pricing principle throughout the entire project, helping you to optimize costs and improve your budget forecasts.
Commitment for Companion
We use a proven information security strategy and management system and have 24/7 in-house security monitoring.
Technology-based Solution
Starfruit applies Robust stack of technologies which allow us to choose the most appropriate technology for business requirements.
The development of technology is creeping into many areas of life, which also requires businesses to make digital transitions in all processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With all our efforts in exploring leading-edge technologies, Starfruit is committed to always providing the most effective consulting and implementing solutions to customers, along with the services we provide forever.
Trinh Tung Anh
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